806b W. Corsicana

Athens, TX. 75751

(At the "Y" next to Exxon)

Ph# 903-670-1300


Thurs and Sun

3:00pm - 10:00pm

Fri and Sat

3:00pm to 11:00pm

Closed - Mon thru Wed

Playing Games the way they are meant to be Played

The LAN party was AWSOME. Quads, JaxDefore, DEMOn, hieronymous, Jehar, RottenRose, DeadBeat and even "LessThanZero" showed the first day. Fanny, Spike, and KickStartBubba showed the second day.

Those who couldn't make it missed it.
Fraggin was great, me and DEMOn got to have our dm3 1vs1 rematch with everyone watching it over the bigscreen. That was a blast listening to the arena erupt with every great rail or frag.
And the BBQ was awsome.

Then from there it was on to QuakeCon 2007

Glad everyone who made it was able to.
Hopefully this will turn into an anual event.

GGs everybody and thanks for coming. Smiley

First day Group Pic

A little sleep before the trip to Dallas