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HALO King Tournament, May18th, 2007


A little practice before the show

Look buddy, I want a Bawls and I want it Now !!!


anyone ?

Congrats Master007

Second place

First and Second

MONEY !!!!!

Congrats Fort89

First Place


!!!! The Results are in and Fort89 takes it by a hair !!!!

Click here to view the 1vs1 Bracket


Man our first Tournament and what a success!!! Everyone turned out. Standing room only at times. Everyone had a blast.

If you missed this Tournament you missed one hell of a tournament. We had drawings for T-Shirts, passed out free chips, and watched all the action live on the big screen.


Fort89 barely took this thing. The competition was very tight through the whole night. We had 2 simultaneous ties during the semifinal of the 1vs1 brackets in which we decided to switched up players and try again. That finished up with Fort89 and Master007 moving into the final 1vs1. Then wouldn't you know it, they tied the score. So we initiated another round under sudden death rules (First Frag Wins). Well after a minute or two we thought we had a winner, Fort89 went for and took the kill, but not before Master007 got a grenade out. Fort89 jumped from his seat declaring himself as the victor, but little did he know he just backed up over Master007's loose grenade causing yet again another tie. So there again another Sudden Death round. When Fort89 and Master007 found each other both initiated an intense battle and with only a few point of health left Fort89 came out on top with the needler.

First place Fort89 got $50.00, a 3 day free gaming pass, and a certificate declaring him the HALO KING !!!

Second Place Master007 received a 3 day free gaming pass

And a special thanks goes out to James for volunteering to help with the Admin duties. He also received a 1 day free gaming pass and a free T-Shirt.

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped make this such a huge success.