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F.E.A.R Tournament results for June 29th, 2007.


Well the results are in and Fort89 takes another victory home !!!

It all started with a 12 player FFA Heat where the top 4 players secured a spot in the 1vs1 bracket.

Fort89, AJ, Azrael, and AnObesepenguin .

After that came the Second Heat in which the top 4 players in it also secured a spot in the 1vs1 brackets.

Revenge001, Toebutter, Holy_Devil, and GyPsieRoSe.

I gota hand it to Alex <aka> Draknar though, he gave up a "secured" seat in the 1vs1 bracket and participated in a triple threat match to give 2 others a second chance to get into the 1vs1 brackets.

GyPsieRoSe won the Triple threat match securing a starting position in the 1vs1 bracket.

That kind of sportmanship is very hard to find.

All hats off to Alex !!!


The 1vs1s we're great, in the end AnObesePenguin and Revenge001 we're our two 3rd place finishers from the semifinals.

Fort89 and Holy_Devil went on to battle each other in the final round in which Fort89 took the lead early

and held on to take the win.

Click here to view the 1vs1 bracket.


Hmmm, A Little never hurt no one

We'll take that advice and practice up.

Practice? WTF? When there's FOOD !!!!

1vs1 Semifinals Underway !!!


3rd place T


3rd place T


2nd place - 3Day Pass


1rst place

$50.00, F.E.A.R. Conquered Certificate, and 3-Day Pass.


First and Second

Group Hugg !!!!!